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We began working with this client during the construction of their 400,000 square foot manufacturing and Die Cast facility in Georgia. Our crews installed all the mechanical systems including chillers, cooling towers, air handlers, controls, air compressors, heat exchangers,  supply and exhaust fans along with all associated piping to make a functional system. We also installed all the cat walks needed to facilitate the maintenance of their ceiling mounted equipment. We followed that work with the installation of their jet-melt aluminum furnace, installation of 18-die cast machines weighing over 140,000 pounds each. We relocated a 70' long oven to Georgia and we self performed the construction of their Die Cast offices and break rooms. We also installed two 2000 foot long assembly lines (one in Alabama and one in Georgia) each having ten PLC panels and 130 work stations; each line was installed in an eleven week period. Examples of other projects we installed were a 30ft wide x 100' long Chip Building, wet floors, overhead conveyor systems, washers, 8 Dial machines and the relocation of a number of punch presses weighing over 100,000 pounds each.

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