My knitting journey began when I was nine years old and my mother first taught me how to knit.  We were living in what was then communist Poland and my mother Janina’s motto was “if you need it, you make it’.  My first knitting project was a vest for me to wear. It was an ugly orange/red color, very fall-like and very 70’s! I usually wore it with a green/brown plaid nylon shirt with big cuffs and collar! The vest was 4-stitch cable with ribbing around the arms, neck and bottom in a 2 x 2 cable. I still remember how hard it was to hold the needles, and the way I knit now is still influenced by the way I held the needles as an anxious nine year old.

After that I got to make a crochet hat with a bon-bon stitch in a muddy cream color, made as pretty much everything was then from an acrylic yarn.