To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 all this week we will be featuring the women behind HANIA by Anya Cole. 

Fatime came to the US 10 years ago after obtaining a greencard through the lottery while in her native Albania. She came to us 3 years ago, through other knitters in her neighborhood, after losing her job at Bank of America during the recession. She was hoping to earn some extra money while looking for another job. When the position of head of production came available Anya, knowing both Fatime’s knitting skills and her resume offered her the job. Fatime now oversees our team of knitters, and we’re always making use of her knowledge when we need to make quick fixes or last minute alterations. She also runs our knitting workshops and can often be seen passing down her skills to younger HANIA employees. She admits that she became “obsessed” with knitting after she started working for HANIA, and scours the Internet looking for tips on how to improve or find new techniques and styles.