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Our Company Values

We produce only what we love, and through our unique hand knit pieces, rekindle the appreciation of the inherent beauty and value of hand made clothing.

At HANIA by Anya Cole we celebrate and encourage the continuation of traditional crafts, while we support our local communities. We started with one person knitting for us and as our company continues to grow so does our circle of knitters. Through people coming to us via word of mouth from the five boroughs of New York City that number is now at over a hundred, and counting. They come to us with a range of skills, learned from mothers and grandmothers; we begin with this natural talent and by sharing with them contemporary techniques, stitches and design, we enhance their abilities to become skilled artisans, working at the highest levels of craftsmanship.

As someone who was once a single mother, working to support her daughter and herself through her knitting, Anya Cole through HANIA by Anya Cole is actively empowering women by giving our knitters real options to use their skills. We believe in paying a fair price for quality craftsmanship, while at the same time giving women the opportunity to work on a schedule that benefits both them and their families.

We believe in creating an inclusive and open work environment, where input and opinions are sought and respected. Celebrating creativity and individuality, we cultivate pride in what we do and develop a sense of teamwork.