Anya’s Story

“When I was nine, my mother taught me that ‘If you need it, you make it’.”

~Anya Cole

As a dancer at the Musical Theatre in Poland, Anya knit sweaters for her daughter while waiting to go on stage. As a single mother living in West Germany, far from family and friends, she knit to support her daughter and herself. And now, living in New York, she continues to knit–not out of necessity but out of passion and inspiration.

Each piece is individually handcrafted here in New York City using only the finest Italian and Scottish cashmere. It has to be, because for Anya, knitting is too personal for it to be any other way.

A craft that she learned from her mother, and perfected for the love of her daughter, is now available to you at fine retail stores.

HANIA by Anya Cole